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Affiliate Programme
"Zeta Platform"

Our offer:

We offer you a permanent revenue share of 30% for all customers you bring to the Zeta platform. This means that you benefit from every customer who subscribes to the Zeta platform on your recommendation for as long as they continue to pay (i.e. until they cancel).

What is the Zeta platform?

The Zeta platform is a software solution that we have developed together with and for restaurateurs over the last few years and have continuously optimised. The platform provides catering operators with numerous helpful tools that make the day-to-day management of their restaurant, coffee house or similar easier and help them to save time and money. We are constantly expanding and improving our offering in collaboration with restaurateurs. You can find more information on


Personnel management tools:

Financial tools:

Marketing tools:

Kitchen tools:

Reservation tools:

Increase your income


This is how it works:

To ensure that we can track your referrals and pay you accordingly, we will provide you with your own code. You simply give this to the customers you recommend the Zeta platform to so that they can enter it when paying. To offer customers added value, this code is combined with a discount.

I would like to emphasise that we will always adhere to the 30% percentage, even with price adjustments. We pay our partners monthly. This ensures that you really benefit from your partnership with us on an ongoing basis.


If you are interested in participating in our affiliate programme, you can fill out our registration form. We will then send you the confirmation and your own code.

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