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Catering consultant Nicolas Bergero in Vienna, Austria

12. Februar 2020

New momentum for catering businesses

Whether it's a new lunch menu package, a menu update, marketing and consulting packages, new printed materials, a new logo or a website makeover - Bergero and his team are bringing new momentum to the catering industry with "Zetagastro".

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10. Februar 2021

Menu 2.0

The menu is the be-all and end-all of every restaurant, because in many cases it decides whether a guest enters the restaurant or not - and now even long before the guest is in the vicinity of the restaurant.

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The Zeta platform publication

12. Oktober 2021

The Zeta platform is live

The Zeta platform is a digitalised and automated version of ZETA GASTRO's services. It helps restaurateurs to manage all areas of their business centrally and efficiently in order to save time and stress and generate more profit.

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Catering consultant Nicolas Bergero in Vienna, Austria

15. Mai 2020

Recipe for gastronomy after the crisis

Catering businesses have been destabilised by the lockdown. Now we have to start again with different rules of the game. A challenging situation for the entire industry.

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Gastronomy concepts

August 2021

Gastronomy 2.0

Lack of time and knowledge leads to stress, destructive decision making, mismanagement, lack of control and financial uncertainty. These cumulative setbacks affect the entire catering market and have a negative social and economic impact on the people actively and passively involved in the catering industry.


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Interview with catering consultant Nicolas Bergero in Vienna, Austria

25. Oktober 2021

Answering questions

If you're not sure which cashless payment method to implement, Zeta Gastro has a few tips for you.

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Catering consultant Nicolas Bergero in Vienna, Austria

15. Oktober 2020

When gastronomy and IT experts work together

Together with the IT specialists from Ibindo, the catering specialists from Zeta Gastro have developed ideas that are right on the pulse of the times.

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Food consultant Nicolas Bergero in Vienna, Austria

30. September 2021

Cashless payment on the rise

The volume of cashless transactions worldwide will increase by more than 80 per cent to 1.9 trillion by 2025. The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating the switch to digital payments.  PDF

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Recruitment in the catering industry. Catering Consultant Nicolas Bergero in Vienna, Austria

30. August 2022

Staff shortages in the catering industry - the real problems

It's a topic that's on everyone's mind and everyone is talking about at the moment. And it's no wonder, because it poses a serious problem for the industry and therefore the country's entire economy.

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Assets, Logo & Co.

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Zeta Gastro

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