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Optimize your Food & Beverages business with professional advice and realize your full potential for success.

Gastronomin eröffet einen Restaurant

Professional support

Your food service consultancy for more success. Customised solutions for your business. Increase profitability, reduce costs, increase sales and strengthen your competitive position.

How do we support you in creating the concept?

Gastronomy concept with consultant is created in one table

Concept development: We help you develop an innovative catering concept that appeals to your target group and stands out from the crowd. Together we will develop a unique identity and vision for your business.

Consultant prepares documents for an operating concept

Personnel and service concept: First-class service is essential to inspire customers and build long-term relationships. We support you in developing an efficient personnel and service concept that guarantees outstanding customer service.

Menu for a gastronomy concept in hand

Menu design: Our team of experts will help you put together a varied and appealing menu. From the selection of ingredients to the presentation of the dishes - we ensure that your culinary offering will tantalise your guests' taste buds.

Meeting on an operating concept

Marketing strategy: A well thought-out marketing strategy is crucial for publicising your catering concept and attracting customers. Together, we will develop a customised marketing strategy that is tailored to your target group and promotes the success of your business.

Designer creates a logo for a catering business concept

Atmosphere and design: The right atmosphere and appealing design are crucial to the success of your catering business. We help you to create a harmonious ambience that immerses guests in an inviting and cosy environment.

Menu is explained to employees in a training course

Business processes and training: Effective operations and well-trained staff are key to a smooth catering business. We optimise your operations and provide training to ensure your team is well prepared to deliver first-class service and work efficiently.

Simple and flexible for every caterer.

Create a great business with the services and tools from Zeta Gastro.

Questions and answers on the topic

How much does this service cost?

It depends on how much support and which tools you need. Depending on the complexity, there is something for every budget. We also offer a free initial consultation.

Should I be in Vienna?

Not necessarily. We can - if you want a personalised service - come to you or work via our digital platform, where we are available to you at any time.

Do I need to install an app or software?

Not necessarily, the installation is 100% optional as you can work from the web.

How long does it take to plan and develop a restaurant concept?

The planning and development time can take up to a month, depending on how much analysis is done in advance. 

Create gastronomy concept Prices

Package price
690 €

We create a solid catering concept that lays the foundations for your success. This includes concept development, menu design, atmosphere and design, as well as basic marketing advice and a draft marketing concept.

Create catering concept Prices

Package price
1790 €

With our premium package, you receive a comprehensive catering concept that will delight your guests. It includes in-depth concept development, detailed menu design, a customised atmosphere and design concept, a comprehensive marketing strategy and advice as well as training materials for your staff.

Create catering concept Prices

Package price
Price on request

Our bespoke package offers a fully personalised catering concept creation tailored exactly to your needs. We take your specific requirements into account and develop a unique concept for your business. This includes comprehensive advice, detailed menu design, customised atmosphere and design concept, comprehensive marketing strategy, training for your staff and ongoing support.


Bookings can also be made by telephone on 0681-2060-1198

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