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Research & Development

Our contribution to the catering industry. We work tirelessly to find services and products that improve the lives of restaurateurs and the catering industry. We focus on the areas of communication, finance, personnel management, kitchen and daily operations of small and medium-sized catering businesses.

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Zeta Gastro - Forschungspartner Forschungsförderungsesellschaft
Zeta Gastro - Forschungspartner Wirtschaftsagentur Wien
Zeta Gastro - WKO-Kooperationsbörse


Digitalisation of the catering industry with the Zeta platform

Sep-Dez 2020

Gastro digitisation

Together with the gastronomy specialists from Zeta Gastro, the IT specialists from Ibindo have developed ideas that are right in tune with the times.

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WKO Cooperations

Screenshot of the Zeta platform

Feb 2022 - Ongoing

Personnel administration - Toolkit

We research problems and current solutions relating to staff shortages and personnel management. To this end, we develop templates, instructions, guidelines, digital tools and other support materials that are intended to solve the majority of problems.

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More info soon

Impactinnovation. Digitalisation of gastronomy with the Zeta platform

August 2021

Gastronomy daily schedule optimisation

Lack of time and knowledge leads to stress, destructive decision making, mismanagement, lack of control and financial uncertainty. These cumulative setbacks affect the entire gastronomy market and have a negative social and economic impact on the people actively and passively involved in gastronomy.

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FFG Impact Innovation

Team of the Zeta platform

Mai 2022 - Ongoing

The food photography and there effects

We are currently researching the influence of different types of food photography on user interaction and the associated increase in the success rate in digital media.

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The Zeta platform

The Zeta platform is a digitalised and automated version of ZETA GASTRO's services. It helps restaurateurs to manage all areas of their business centrally and efficiently in order to save time and stress and generate more profit.

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Prost Magazin

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